film friday

We got a few films developed recently, some as you will see have been sitting on the shelf waiting for over a year to be developed! Whoops! Even so it is a pretty good surprise when the film is so old you don't even know what is on it anymore. I do take our slr out with us a lot of places, but in this day and age I've become accustomed to wanting to use the pictures instantly, and for the blog it helps to use digital for that...but I would take film over digital ANY DAY. I miss it, I miss developing my own film and printing my own pictures. I miss the excitement over not knowing what the pictures turned out like and I miss the feeling of knowing you've shot a good photo and waiting to see it in real life. I love the way the world looks through film cameras and I love the way using film limits your shots therefore making you really think about the photos you are taking and making each one count. I'm thinking about buying some film in bulk and at least shooting one every couple of weeks and getting it developed, so stay tuned!

This film is from our very first trip to Noah's ark zoo, the day Theo turned six months old! It's amazing looking back at his tiny baby self, and us too... oh how we've changed!

We have yet to return to the zoo this year, but when we do, I'll be sure to take the slr with us!


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