charity shop #2

Another little charity shop haul made over the last few weeks. Mainly it's from my trip to Malvern a week or two ago, and mainly it's all for Theo! He already has quite a good collection of Thomas dye-cast models that Rob found when someone was selling them outside their house for cheap, but this was too good to pass up even though my mum haggled them down! We're also collecting orignal Thomas story books by the Rev.W.Awdry and Theo likes to have them read to him at bedtime. I remember playing with a till like this when I was little so I couldn't really pass it up, it's probably a little too old for Theo at the moment, so we'll save it for Christmas or something. It's so rare to find good clothes for Theo in charity shops these days, toddler boy clothes are hard to come by, so of course when I saw these I had to buy them, they're a little too long at the moment, but hopefully they'll last! And finally a little treat for me! 


  1. I love the idea of hunting out specific books in charity shops. I've just stumbled across a charity shop in Salisbury that only sells things for children I was in thrift heaven I never find children's clothes in charity shops I was starting to think it's not a thing and yet it's the one thing you would expect to find as kids only last in clothes for five minutes x


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