Bristol adventures: a trip to the farm

I spent the whole weekend working again, so on Friday we made sure that we made the most of our only day together. We ran a few errands before heading to Grimsbury farm, over where we used to live. We've visited a few times before, but this was the first time this year and we went to see what animals were there and enjoy the Spring weather. I always enjoy going to this farm, as it's only a little way out of the city but you kind of feel like you are in the countryside and there's tons of space to run around.

We had fun talking about all the animals, naming and making their noises. We fed the guinea pigs and I fell head over heels with the rabbits again (one day, one day I will have a little rabbit!) We missed the cafe again, but just played in the park instead. So here's to more family afternoon trips out for free, and hoping the weather remains lovely for the rest of the summer....c'mon I can hope can't I?!


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