active family month; week one: going for a spin

I was very excited to be invited to take part in the 'Mark Warner active family month challenge' and it couldn't have come at a better time for us!

We have always been quite active individuals, and as you all know Theo is slightly massively active so we try and do what we can to stay active as a family together. Spending time outside is important to us, and what with me now working one day on the weekend our one family day together is really important. We like to plan trips and activities that will get us out of the house, spending quality time together and being active (or trying to tire Theo out as much as possible!) We also look for activities that we can do for free, and that involve getting a bit of fresh air.

Rob and I have been bitten by the exercise bug, and have upped our exercise regimes recently after being inspired by friends running the marathon. I'm hopefully going to try and run the 10k in Bristol in July (note to self, have the guts to sign up soon!) and Rob is going to attempt a cycle ride from Bristol to Brighton with a friend. So we have been trying to stay as fit as possible, and of course that means being fit and active with Theo. I know that he is happiest when we are outside running around and playing games and that's the way we like to keep it!

So anyway, back to the challenge. Over this month I will be taking on a challenge set by Mark Warner Holidays  where each week we will partake in an activity, for at least an hour. The first challenge this week was 'go for a spin'. As Rob is a keen cyclist, and I had luckily and very kindly just been given a bike from Rob's aunty, and I missed out on the last cycle ride, we decided to go for a long bike today. Unfortunately the weather wasn't as glorious as it was last week, but it was still great fun.

I decided to make a little video of our journey today:

Obviously Theo thought that going on the bike would inevitably lead in him seeing a train, as our last two cycle rides have included that, so we managed to squeeze in a little stop by a railway line that seemed to keep him happy! He seems pretty content to just watch the world zoom by, shouting "weeeeeee" when we went down hill and even falling asleep half way through. We headed West out of Bristol to Avonmouth, crossing the big M5 bridge (scary!) then heading back into Bristol up the Avon gorge. Cycling through the woods and along the river was so peaceful, and really reminds you how great it is to get out of the city. We worked up an appetite and stopped for a roast on the river at the Grain Barge (an actual barge!) We stopped at the park on the way home to well and truly tire Theo out.

I would absolutely love if anyone else would like to get involved in this challenge with me, as I know so many of you enjoy getting out and being active with your families already, so I would love to see what you have been getting up to! Especially if the beautiful weather comes is coming back right? If you want to write a post about your activities and link it below I would love to look at them and be inspired!  And please feel free to share this with your other family members and friends too, the more taking part the merrier. I know how inspired Rob and I got after watching our friend complete the marathon (not that what we're doing is the same level as running a marathon...!) but still it would be great if we could all do this together! I will be sharing the next challenge next week and have a few special tasks lines up for the next few weeks for you to get involved with, so stayed tuned!


  1. This looks like so much fun! I loved the video too.

    1. thanks! it was a pretty fun day, makes me want to go for bike rides all the time, and makes me miss cambridge (and it's flatness!)

  2. That video is ace - you are a very talented lady! I recognise the sleepy nodding head... sometimes Henry does that and I get a helmet hit in my back!
    What do you use to shoot and edit your video? You are inspiring me to do something with all the pointless little movies I shoot.

    1. aw thanks! I just used my iphone, then the 8mm app for the effects and put it all together in imovie, it's not the best quality but it will do!

      But do it, I would love to see them!


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