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I don't think I've ever made it a secret of how much we love dungarees / overalls over here. Theo always has a few pairs on the go and I just don't think there is anything sweeter or classic than a child in dungarees. He's worn them since he was a baby and I hope we can still find ones to fit as he gets older! We always get compliments whenever he wears them (particularly his tootsa macginty ones!) and I just love the practicality of them. In the summer there is nothing better than just throwing on a vest or t-shirt with a pair of short dungarees or rolled up legs and going out on an adventure!

Here are a few of my favourites that I have spotted around the good old internet recently. Obviously Osh Kosh has to be in this list as a classic dungaree brand. I've had my eye on these Tootsa Macginty stripey carpenter dungers for a while now, just need to save the pennies! The next are these amazingly handmade dungarees by the wonderful What Mother Made and I have been swooning over these dungarees plus everything else on their website since it popped up a few days ago in my feed! As for what the high street has to offer, I'm in love with these little short dungarees from Zara, as well as the full length classic denim.

The thing I love most about dungarees is that they are pretty unisex too, and even though some of these picks could be considered more 'boy' orientated they could definitely be for girls too. So hooray for dungarees! 


  1. Love love love dungarees! We broke out our Osh Kosh's just the other day! Cute picks! Xxx

  2. oh these overalls were worn all the time by my boys. I wish I looked half as cute in them as my boys did. xxoo


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