the boys, the boys

As I mentioned in my 52 post Rob had a little day out with Theo at the weekend. As I'm often working now on a Saturday Rob looks after Theo, and they always manage to have a action packed day out together. Usually Theo has football on a Saturday morning, so after that they pop round to Oma and Gramps's house to say hello. Oma works on a Saturday too, so it is a fully fledged father, son and son day. They usually go for a little (big) walk around Bristol, visiting the docks, the museum, the mshed, the park and most importantly the pub.

This weekend Theo didn't have football, so Rob decided to go on a bike ride with Theo. Luckily we found a bike seat on the street for free, along with a helmet at a different time so they were all set. Rob invited his dad along who didn't take much persuading! They cycled along the cycle track to Bitton where they have a train station along the track. They have a train that you can ride on with old carriages  and a big old diesel engine, much to the delight of Theo I can imagine! Apparently they also run a stream train at some point, which we'll definitely have to try and come back for. After this they cycled on to a pub in Saltford for a drink and some chips, before cycling back to Bristol.

I do get a little jealous of their days out to be honest, as I wish I could be out enjoying it with them. But at the same time I like the time I get to myself when working, and I love thinking about them off on an adventure, just the boys and spending all that quality time together. They always have a great day by all accounts and it's really fun to hear all about it at the end of the day! So here's to more daddy day's out! 


  1. Good local tip there Abigail, and great find on the bike seat too. Wow. Amy x


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