Some of you may have seen this photo of Theo's pretty special bed head the other day, this is what we wake up with most mornings. You may have also noticed that he wears a hat quite a lot of the time, and  where you may think this is because I'm being a caring mother and keeping his head warm, the real reason is that his hair is looking pretty weird and oompa-loompary at the moment...

No I jest, don't worry yourselves I'm not that vain, it is to keep his head warm and a little bit because his hair looks weird. It's in that funny in between stage, just before it starts to curl properly. I want to keep it growing to see what it looks like when it does curl, because a boy with blond ringlets...c'mon! But it's tempting just to snip off those weird flicky bits some of the time!

So when Jason Natural Care contacted me and asked if I wanted to test their kids natural shampoo and conditioner, I thought it would be a good idea to see if we could tame Theo's hair a little bit. We didn't really use shampoo before Theo was one as he has pretty sensitive skin, and since then have only used a Burt's Bee natural shampoo and body wash, so I was interested to see if using separate shampoo and conditioner would help.

The shampoo and conditioner smell lovely, and it's pretty fun to get it worked up into a real lather and style Theo's hair. We only was his hair every few days or so, because it doesn't really seem to need it, but I do notice the difference after we do the next day. It seems a little softer and silkier, and it curls a little better too. As for it being gentle on his skin I'd say that we haven't seen any problems with it at all which is something I woud worry about if we were to use regular shampoo and conditioner. We try and use natural skin care products on Theo (and me!) most of the time, and I like to know what is going onto my skin, so Jason products are perfect for us! And even though the bottle says kids only, I may have been sneaking a little bit of conditioner when I wash my hair too...just for you know research and all...

this is a sponsored post, I received the products to review but all words and opinions are my own


  1. beautiful boy! yes blonde ringlets are absolutely worth it. Casper has a short back n' sides turned grown out mushroom at the moment and his hair used to be curly but now is half curly half straight..... hats are good for bad hair days


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