theo's daily outfit

another week gone by, and trying out a new layout for the daily outfit, what do you think?! 

We've been in the ill house this week (I write this from my sick bed). Rob came down with man-flu at the beginning of the week, Theo started producing rivers of green snot but has still been his chipper self, and now I've been struck down with the doomed virus. Trying to rest as much as possible today so that things can get back to normal next week, and we can go on some more adventures as we've been staying closer to home this week.

Hope you all had a great week, and we're wishing for warmer weather...hurry up Spring!


  1. Happy Lane! I love it! Who wouldn't want to live there?!

    1. haha exactly! We also used to live near a road called 'battenburg street' and I mean who wouldn't want to live THERE! oh man, now I really want some battenburg!!

  2. I love little style posts, and what a stylish little guy you have! Xxx

  3. I had the same thing, get well soon! x

  4. I love Theo's daily outfit posts and the new layout!
    Dungarees are the best but we are potty training at the moment so they're no good for Hattie :(
    Also longing for spring - it teased us a bit earlier this week but now the rain has returned xx


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