a day for mothers

It was Mother's day on Sunday, my third if you can believe it. I'd have to say that this was probably the 2nd best. The first, well let's just say that I haven't quite forgiven Rob for this one yet, but he sort of made up for it last year with a lovely Sunday lunch with both our mothers and a bag of Lush treats.

But this year I was woken up about 6 by a little boy crying and with a temperature. I brought him back into bed with me and he slept a while longer. He perked up a little after some calpol so we packed to go  visit my Mum as Rob had to work. Thankfully he slept in the car, but after we arrived and he woke up he was really feeling sorry for himself. All he wanted to do was nestle into my chest and be cuddled and carried, and this from Theo is certainly out of character  Not to say that he doesn't give me cuddles, I do get a few, but they usually last for a few seconds before he sees something else he wants to fiddle with/climb on/push around/destroy. He is also usually so excited to see his Yaya and Grandpa and he usually leaps out of my arms as soon as we get to the front door so he definitely wasn't feeling right. He then proceeded to throw up all over the both of us, so we got in the bath and suddenly he was all ok again...a skill he will more than likely use again when he's older! We got changed into clean warm clothes, and cuddles by the fire.

So we decided to brave the arctic conditions and visit Hanbury Hall, a National Trust property to get some fresh air. I was excited to be able to use my membership for the first time!

we walked around the grounds and gardens just as some snowflakes began to fall before the bitter wind got the better of us and we retreated to the tea rooms! Probably the best thing about National Trust places are the tea rooms!

We then had a look around the house, with Theo entertained by hunting out the beehives in each room...

We had fun playing the victorian playroom, with toys like the ones my sister made him for Christmas and his birthday!

We then headed to Worcester for some food before returning home and putting the little boy to bed early. Luckily he seemed a little better for the rest of the day, but still not his happy chirpy self.

It was a mother's day to definitely test my mothering caring skills to say the least!

And remember when I was wishing he would hurry up and say "mummy" already...well he now says it at least 100,0000,0000 times a day..over and over....


  1. Love his outfit, such a stylish little cutie!! Looks like you had a wonderful day! Xxx

  2. aw thank you very much! He stole the hat from me!


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