Six / fifty-two

- a portrait of my child once a week, every week in 2013 -

This week we went on a mini adventure to London to see some friends and  to meet with the lovely Sarah and Stanley, it's safe to say that Theo and Stanley are best buds! The next day me and my friend took a trip to see the Photographic portrait prize at the National Portrait gallery, it's always so inspiring to see exhibitions and especially ones close to my heart in portrait photography. Theo slept through the whole thing, which was bliss being able to look in peace, but woke up shortly after for a gallop around Trafalgar Square. I know he won't remember this now, but it will be great to show him the photos of his London sightseeing when he's a little older.

Oh and that is 'neigh' his newly acquired toy from my friends, who originally bought it as a prop for a fancy dress party, but quickly decided that it was probably more suited to a two year old than a bunch of twenty somethings...and it brought him so much joy!

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  1. Abbi, this is by far and away my favourite ever picture so far from this portrait of any I've seen. It is perfect and beautiful. You have talent xx

  2. i meant **portrait project.... sorry i was so excited by it i forgot how to write!!


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