a bath in Bath

Yesterday morning I managed to be up and out the house by 8.45am. This is a first for me in such a long time, but how did I manage it? Well nothing can get me out the house faster than the lure of a baby free day relaxing in some natural hot water.

Fritha contacted me a while back asking if I would be up for going to Bath Spa for a day, and also meet up with Lia and Nell. The day would include free access to the Spa pools and lunch, and of course the chance to have a good old proper catch up with friends. How could I resist?

I had been working all weekend, which meant long hours spent on my feet, and even though I missed Theo as I'd barely seen him all weekend I tore myself away (literally ran for the door) for one more day with out him. I met Fritha and together we took the train through the beautiful countryside to Bath. I'm always surprised at how close Bath is, but yet how little I go there. I really need to make more of an effort to, as it's wonderful meeting up with new friends I've made through blogging who live there. Also everything in Bath is just so well planned out, you step off the train and there you are right in the centre, with everything in good walking distance.

We met outside the front, and had some quick introductions and hellos (even though I've hung out with  both Lia and Fritha before, it was the first time meeting Nell, and a first time for others meeting each other in real life) We were then taken for a tour and told some of the history of the Spa and of Bath. From someone who grew up in the East of England, had never been to Bath as a child and can count the number of times I've visited as an adult on one hand, it was really interesting to hear some of the history. I could totally imagine the rich upper class socialites of their days flocking to Bath to bathe in their lead-weighted down petticoats! Instead of upper class socialites though, we were treated to a view of the Bath rugby club team, who paraded past us in their swimming trunks much to my embarrassment! (I totally had a look of their six packs...)

Anyway anyway, after a few girly giggles we got changed into our swimwear and our complimentary robes and were told we could stay as long as we liked. We headed for the basement Minerva Thermae bath first, where we relaxed in the jacuzzi style part talking about babies and family for the most part! We braved the rooftop pool, which looked beautiful with all the steam rising into the cold air and the views over bath. We finished up trying out the steam rooms, with each steam 'pod' varying in aroma with different infusions, my favourite was definitely the eucalyptus!

But with our tummies rumbling and our fingers pruning we decided to go and have our lunch, in our bathrobes. We had an amazing three course meal, and a glass of wine (in the afternoon, crazy!) and more good chats about the blogging world, socialising and many other things. We then gladly got out of our soggy costumes into dry clothes before returning to the real world!

It was such a lovely day out, and very needed! It's very rare to have a good few hours alone, just to relax and actually have full conversations with friends, rather than having to leap up mid sentence all the time! I'm very thankful to Fritha and to Bath Spa for arranging and accommodating us on this day out. I'll be sure to keep them in mind for future days out, and even for my upcoming hen do...


  1. haha such a goofy picture of me, I have an identical one of you! I'm totally putting in my post how you giggled seeing the Rugby players ;) xx


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