the second birthday

so here we are, the boy turned two years old. I had a little thought the other day about how when we decided to have Theo all I thought about was having a baby and raising a baby, it didn't occur to me that we would one day have a child to look after, run around after them, do the whole school thing, then the teenager suddenly dawned on me that this is what our future looks like. A baby is for life not just for Christmas after all! But I'm excited, Theo has changed our lives for the best, he brightens up our days and makes us proud. He's a little monster, that much is true, and i'm a little worried for the infamous terrible twos, but I'm also looking forward for this next year of his life, what it brings us and the little boy that he'll further blossom into.

We had a small little party for his birthday at home again, with two out of three sets of grandparents, his (sort of) godmother (he's not christened!) and his little best buddy from up the road! I made a butternut squash chocolate cake and our house had a toy explosion...

I managed to score gold with Theo's birthday present, as I found a play kitchen in a charity shop with a box of food for a grand total of £3.95! They had a few extras such as the microwave and kettle for a few extra pounds, so in total I spent less than £10! I also picked up a Thomas puzzle and we bought him a few new books.

all in all we had a lovely day, and Theo sure was a happy little boy with all his loving family and friends around him. I'll update later about our little trip to see his danty (aunty) that we took over the weekend!

But for now we are one pooped family!

and p.s those of your with beady eyes may notice that he is wearing a very similar outfit to that of his first birthday outfit...that bow tie vest still fits!


  1. I was thinking 'oh wow you managed to find the exact same bow tie top as last year!'
    Its funny I always thought of the child rather than the baby and maybe thats why I found him as a baby so hard and think its getting easier and easier (although ya I may completely change my mind when Wilf hits two)
    Glad he had a lovely day! xx

  2. What a bargain! Hugely jealous of your kitchen find - he must have been over the moon.

    I know what you mean about the baby/kid distinction. I was pretty relaxed about the idea of having a baby. Suddenly I've got a child instead and I'm thinking: what me?! Responsible for an actual CHILD?!

    1. haha yep that's exactly how I feel! I know I was pretty excited when I found it, snatched that one up quick!

  3. oh, he is so sweet! i love this post & i hope he had the best of days!

    natalie is a little over a week shy of turning two. can you believe our babies are so old? when did that happen... also, i hope theo loves that kitchen... what a steal! we got natalie one as well and i can't wait for her to see it.

    1. thank you so much! I know, I can't actually believe they've been here for so long! Hope she had a lovely day xx


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