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So to carry on my lovely things I have seen around the internet, I thought I would share a new discovery. Hello Apparel. I first saw this pop up a few months ago on instagram, as I follow the people behind Hello Apparel (@anitameans @sammeans)

Here are a few of my favourite things:

I love their designs for both children and adults clothes, they just look so fresh and simple, and really comfy too! Plus their daughter Lola is just about the best model! The website is definitely worth a look with lots of other independent designers selling their clothes too. Plus hello apparel have a sale on now!

(all photos and products attributed to Hello Apparel)


  1. oh, I have so many items from Hello Apparel on my wish list!

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  3. ^^ oo what did I do up there?

    I love them too! I'm after the hi jumper for myself but they only do the Hello for us grown ups don't they?


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