really? am I allowed to be this late with posting photos from Christmas...I planned to do it sooner, but other things got in the way, and plus I'm sure you were all sick of seeing so many pictures a few days after that I thought I'd give you a bit of breathing space before bombarding you with more pictures...(bad excuse)

Anyway, the holidays whizzed past as they always do, but we had a few lovely days seeing family and eating so - much - food. Theo spent approximately 8 hours on Christmas day playing with his new Brio set he received from his Great Aunty who had managed to keep hold of it from when her son was Theo's age! It's fair to say he was pretty pleased with it. We bought Theo a car garage, a few books and some art supplies and a few little bits...we didn't want to go over board with presents at all, but he did get thoroughly spoilt by the rest of the family!

We spent Christmas day with Rob's parents and Grandparents, and it was my first ever Christmas day without seeing any of my family. It's fun to see how different families celebrate, and the structure of the day, but I'm pleased to say that we had a really nice time!

The next day was Christmas number two though, and my Mum and sister came down to spend it with us. My sister and her boyfriend (and dog!) traveled across from Spain to spend Christmas in England, which was a lovely change as it's been quite a few years since we've spent the holidays together. Rob cooked an epic dinner, and I'm afraid I didn't manage to take any photos of it...but it was the best yet! Presents were opened, tv was watched and more food was eaten, naturally. It was really nice to experience Christmas with my family and Rob's, and for Theo to see most of his family. He was a very excited boy for most it!

So there you have it, not too many pictures as I was too busy stuffing my face playing host to record more! The next week was spent with my sister who stayed with us for a few more days and we explored some of Bristol. It was sad to see them leave, as it always goes too quickly.

Even though this year we didn't half as much traveling as we did the previous year, it still felt so busy! I guess that's just what Christmas is? Here's to next year!


  1. Happy Christmas!! I always thought Theo looked like you, but those pictures with 'the men' he looks just like his dad! Lovely pictures! Love his garage! x

    1. thanks! yeh its strange, sometimes I really see myself but then he is starting to look really like his daddy! and even stranger is that he is really starting to look like my eldest sister?!

  2. Lovely photos of your Christmas- looks like it was a good one.

    1. thanks, it was very lovely, but very quick too :(


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