the accident

For those of you how don't follow me on instagram (@goldteeth btw!!) or twitter/facebook you won't have heard about our mini ordeal that occurred on Sunday night. (But thanks so much to everyone for their concern and well wishes, it was very much appreciated) Theo had a little trip and banged his head against the frame at the bottom of our sofa. I picked him up and was giving him a cuddle and it was only when I lifted him off that I noticed there was blood, a lot of blood. Theo's fallen and bit his lip before and had a tiny bit of blood, but this was different, there was a giant pool of blood in his mouth. He was pretty upset obviously, and we weren't sure how serious it was. Rob rang Nhs direct whilst I tried to calm him so we could see, watching The Gruffalo helped! They told us to go to A&E, which we thought we might have to. Then we suddenly realised that I didn't have my car at the moment, we rang Rob's parents but they were out and no-where near home unfortunately. It was about 6 in the evening and we didn't have any cash on us to get a taxi, so we went to ask out new next door neighbours (who have two young children). As luck would have it the husband was just heading out the door anyway to go to work for a few hours, and was driving the way of the hopsital, so he very kindly gave us a lift.

Since moving here I've been fine without my car and we haven't needed it at all, but suddenly I felt very lost without it at the time of an emergency, but luckily for us we have very kind new neighbours, and I couldn't be more thankful. So to cut a long story short, we waited in a very busy a&e ward to see a nurse, then a Doctor, and all the while we couldn't give Theo any food or water just in case he needed stitches and anesthetic. None of us had had any dinner (as our lovely roast was 10 minutes away from being ready when he fell!) so we were all starving. But Theo coped amazingly looking back, luckily we managed to pack enough entertainment in the form of books, Thomas trains and the Ipad to distract him, but it was still a very long 4 hours! We eventually saw the doctor who had a little look at his mouth, and said thankfully it wasn't serious enough to need stitches so we could go home! Luckily the mouth heals very quickly, so there wasn't much they could do. We called our neighbour to see if he was still at work, and he was but was leaving so he came and picked us up on the way home too. Such a relief. We put Theo to bed and he rolled over and went straight to sleep! He slept in until half 9 the next morning...

So that was our excitement for the evening. I have a feeling that this isn't going to be our last trip to a&e, but I just hope it's nothing too serious again. But it was scary, it made me feel a bit like a child myself being there. I kept on thinking that there should be someone else there to come and take over, until I realised that no, actually I'm the adult and I'm his mother, that the responsibility came down to me. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how responsible you are for this little person on a day to day basis, until something like this happens...(that doesn't mean I'm neglectful of him, just that you sort of take it for advantage sometimes that they're ok)

So this week we've been hibernating a bit (it's getting coooooold!) and taking it easy, as I'm a bit paranoid about going out too much in case he flings himself off/over something like he normally does and causes some more damage. His lip is healing well, he's got a fat lip and a big old lumpy ulcer over the cut which doesn't look too pretty! But he doesn't seem bothered by it, and is his usual self and eating well, which is a relief. Yesterday he did something funny, by going over to the sofa and reenacting the fall. He kept (lightly) headbutting the sofa, then screwing his face up saying 'ow'. Now he knows how much attention he got for it! Little monster....

I'll be back soon with a proper Theo update, as it's been a while!

oh and see that big line of drool in the photo, there's a lot of that! 


  1. I bet the whole experience was way worse for you than for Theo! These things usually are. It's really hard realising our babies are capable of getting hurt, a hard mama lesson!


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