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So I hope you've all recovered from your Christmas comas? We're slowly getting back to normal here! My sister is staying with me for a couple of days, and of course Rob is still off, so it definitely still feels like the holidays. But anyway before I get into that I thought I would share with you the first part of our trip to my hometown.

Our journey over went really well, and we made it in record time! On Friday we had a little wander around the town and a browse in charity shops and spent time with Grandad. It's been so lovely to spend proper time together as a family, as it's not often that we get to without having a million other things we should be doing. Theo once again took quite a liking to my dads cats, who I might just add have no objections to be laid on, this one even prompted it by lying down in front of Theo quite a bit!

On Saturday my dad cooked up a mammoth curry for lunch, and my grandma and some family came over. After we all went to have a ride on the long anticipated steam train. When we were little I remember riding on the train in the bitter cold, trying to spot the teddy bears, going through the tunnels and finally visiting father Christmas in his grotto! So I was so excited to be able to share this with Theo, especially with his epic love of all things train related!

It's fair to say Theo had a mind blowingly awesome time, and he didn't cry when Father Christmas came to give him a present, and he said thank you ever so politely! I really enjoyed it myself too, and he sat with his grandad most of the way. It's really important to me to be able to share with Theo some of the things I did when I was little and from my childhood. Theo is probably going to grow up in Bristol, which I'm happy about, but sometimes it does make me feel a little jealous that Rob gets to share lots of things with Theo and show him the things he did as a child more than I do.

So that's about it for today, it's taken me a while to write this post and get back into the swing of blogging! I have been enjoying my break very much, I hope you all had a wonderful few days off too, and spent it with your family!


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  2. sounds like a lovely christmas. jonas went through an obsession with trains so I can see how this would be so magical ;)

    i hear you on the trying to get back into blogging. i've taken a few days off and, well, it feels good actually. i need to prepare myself to get back into it on monday.

    happy holidays friend!


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