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wow so for once I actually kept my promise and wrote a post that I said I would! What an achievement!

So as usual this update doesn't really come at any special time, I think Theo is about 22 and a half months? Sounds about right! I kind of wish I'd stuck to some sort of format for the updates, like Ashley does in her ever brilliant monthly updates (that always make me giggle so much!) So I could properly record the new things that happen every month, things go so fast and he is changing all the time, and I know my memory will only record a slice of it all.


But just before I start I just wanted to say how much my heart goes out to all the families who have been affected by the unspeakably horrific events of yesterday in Connecticut. I know I definitely take it for granted that when I wake up tomorrow my lovely boy will still be here and our days will go on as normal, and for that I'm scared. I know that there is so much good out there in the world, but it scares me that one act of bad can devastate so many lives. I know I, and many other mothers out there have hugged their children extra tight these last few days.


So...firstly I thought I'd begin with Theo's sleep.

I really really don't want to jinx things, as the situation has been pretty perfect these last few weeks, in fact since we moved to this new house. He is still in the same routine as before, bath, play, stories in bed then sleep, all with Rob, but now instead of waking up at 4 or 5 needing comfort he will usually sleep right through from 8pm to 7am. Hurrah! I never ever thought I'd be writing that sentence on here, and using the phrase 'sleeping through'. It was always a distant promise land, never to be obtained. A new development also is that Theo has taken it upon himself to sometimes get himself up in the morning. By this I mean he switches on his bedside light, plays with a few toys, or reads some books in bed. On these mornings instead of us being woken by his cries when he wakes up, we are woken by the sounds of the 'how to speak wookie'  book or him playing with his train set. The other morning I went in to find him back in bed all tucked in reading books, I can't tell you how sweet that was!

The other thing that is going pretty well at the moment is food. Again I don't want to jinx these things, but it feels weird not to have something to complain about!? I'm guessing this might be the calm before the terrible two's storm?

Meal times have just got a whole lot easier, he eats a good breakfast (and often asks for more!), and lunch, and dinners which were the hardest, are going pretty smoothly. There have been no pleading to finish meals, or just to even try the meal I have lovingly cooked him, instead he happily climbs up into his chair when we tell him dinner is ready and tries and eats most of his meal himself. He is getting pretty good at eating with his cutlery too, and will feed himself his entire meal. He does have a slight (big) obsession with dipping, and if we have any condiments, then he has to have them too, luckily its only usual mayonnaise, but he does seem to like ketchup quite a lot...I'll blame Rob for that one, thanks.

His memory is getting so much better these days too, he knows each and every place he goes to play, and if we pass the road they're on then he gets pretty upset that we're not going in! He remembers that his friend Sam lives a few doors up from us, and every time we come out our house, he points and say's "naam?" and again gets pretty upset when I tell him we're not seeing him today. His memory of people is getting really good too, and we've started a little game of asking him who is there and who isn't (wild, I know). We ask him if mummy and daddy are there, and Alma, then grandparents, friends, and other objects etc and he tells us with a very definite shake of the head and "noo" that they aren't there.

He has also started doing a funny little thing, where he will say goodbye to things. But he will say goodbye to them a good while after they have gone. For example we got the train the other day, and about half an hour later he suddenly comes out with "bye waa-raa" (his word for Thomas/trains). He will then reel off a list of things that have come and gone, such as Daddy, The Gruffalo, chair, ball, car...you get the picture! 

Talking of Thomas, that boy is obsessed! He knows a lot of the names and loves spotting them in his books...he's a little video!

We have collected quite a few Thomas toys and books over the last few months, including some amazing second hand die-cast Thomas and friends figures, which have to come everywhere with us, and I always find in my pockets or floating around my bag. Rob picked up the whole dvd boxset when he finished his last job at a bargain price of £5, and I can tell you it certainly gets a lot of use!

Other obsessions include the Gruffalo, and both Rob and I can nearly recite the whole book, and recently we have discovered the delights of the films! He's also still obsessed with balls, cars, animals and tractors.

Theo is still ridiculously confident, and will say hello to just about anyone. He gets pretty friendly with his friends, and gives out hugs and kisses, even when they're not really wanted (more often than not). He loves playing with older children, well he likes to think that he's playing with them, but actually they're just playing their own games and he's getting in the way. It kind of breaks my heart a bit when I see the joy in his face when he thinks he's being chased by them, and then looks back to see that they've stopped and gone off...but it doesn't last long or bother him as he find something else to play with.

He likes to mimic a lot of the things we do. I think Theo picks up physical actions and expressions a lot quicker than words at the moment, and likes to copy everything we do. He knows that his rubbish goes out in the bin, and will always take it and put it in himself, he also picks up his empty plates and puts takes then to the kitchen! (starting him early!) He likes to climb into bed, pull the covers over him and shut his eyes in pretend sleeping, he likes to wipe his nose with his own tissue, wipe his hands and face after dinner himself, and rolls up his sleeves in anticipation of washing his hands. Something here tells me that he likes to be clean?! He also loves to put on his own wellies and shoes, hat and coat and stomp around the house. He also loves jumping, climbing, wobbling and of course dancing!

In terms of language, he definitely knows a lot of words, even if they are his own version of the word he has good comprehension. I often feel like I'm his interpreter at the moment as I can understand most of what he's talking about even when others can't! He seems to pick up new words everyday though at the moment, and is constantly talking and pointing things out. He's picked up some really funny things that I have no idea where they came from, such as 'cheese!' when he sees or plays with a camera, and 'daaa' when he makes or completes something (as in ta-daa!). He knows when to say thank you, and say pweease when prompted, and asks 'more?' for a lot of things! he's started to say a few words together such as "I stuck" and "in there". At the moment in terms of learning he seems to be favouring colours and shapes over numbers and the alphabet.

phew! Sorry this has been a long update, but it may all seem a little rosy here, but of course it isn't like that all of the time! We have our bad days, or more likely bad parts of everyday, where the whinging drives me mad. He knows how to play me and has a funny little fake cry and scrunches up his face in a huff. I'm waiting for the full blown tantrums as we've seen quite a few glimpses, and he certainly likes to dramatically throw himself to the ground on all fours and have a cry.

here are a few outtakes from my trying to convince him to stand in front of the Christmas tree for a photo, with the aid or rice cakes and in the night garden...(no other way)

giving me the v?


  1. Well how cherubic does he look in that first picture?! Very glad you're having better sleeping & eating too, that must be a relief!

  2. Those eyelashes! Those curls! I hope you and family have a magical Christmas x


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