the 'c' word

can I say it, am I allowed? I've been thinking a little about CHRISTMAS!

I know I know, it's only October, but since Theo is at an age where he can appreciate Christmas and the gifts he gets a little more, I've been thinking, searching and compiling a little wish list (and getting a little bit excited...sssh!). Obviously we're not going to everything on my wish list, just one or two, but it's nice to look at pretty things right? I think like last year we will just get him one or two 'main' presents, like a new toy, then perhaps I will get one nice print for his room and then rest would be art and craft supplies that we can use together to make and create things throughout the whole year. I don't want Christmas to be about going wild and spending loads of money (that we don't have!) on toys that are only going to get played with a few times, I want to get a few toys that I think will last a long time and get played with over and over.

1- Ingela P Arrhenius lion poster // 2- Ingela P Arrhenius plates // 3- Spaceboy apron // 4- le grand garage // 5- personalised Sarah Dyer illustration (T!) // 6- activity train // 7- crocodile puzzle // 8- Ingela P Arrhenius nesting dolls // 9- fisher price record player // 10- wooden camera // 11- alphabet print // 12- Space boy lunch bag // 13- Monster at work book by Sarah Dyer // 14- Rabbit night light

When we were in Berlin we stumbled across an incredible toy shop, full of beautiful wooden and traditional toys. If we'd had lots of money, and endless luggage space I could have bought so much, or at least sorted Christmas presents there and then! We did buy Theo a sweet metal spinning top, which he is obsessed with! So for now the internet will have to do and this is just the start of the search, I'm sure I will add lots over the next few months, but I thought I'd share a few bits that caught my eye! And I haven't even started on my wish list for clothes....

has anyone else started thinking about Christmas, or am I going a bit mad already?! 


  1. I actually bought my first Christmas present today, but only because if I'd waited it would have been twice the price (half price offer)! I normally wait until the end of November to even think about this stuff.

  2. I've been squireling things away for a wee while now. My mam is making them both presents, and we've bought Bug the Fisher Price record player. I ummed an ahhed about getting the new version, simply because I hate batteries! I looked on ebay and just couldn't bring myself to pay £40 for a vintage one!
    Are you going to do the 25 books of Christmas again? xx


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