spot the difference

We were having a bit of a sort out today, ready for when we move and I found my box of photographs. I love looking through them, as they tell a story of my childhood, my teenage years and university days. All stored together in a red vanity case.

I came across a few pictures of myself when I was a baby/toddler and they reminded me of a few that we've taken of Theo, so I thought I would compare them and see how similar we are!

I know I know, I'm all kinds of cute, now you can see where Theo gets it from right?!

I can't wait to look back over the next years and see how much Theo changes and grows and to see if any more similarities occur. We're visiting my dad over Christmas and he has a big suitcase, plus albums full of photos, and I want to have a dig around in them to see what other beauties I can find!


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