We recently decided to get our act together and get a few films developed that we had lying around, so I thought I would share them with you. It was so much fun waiting for them to come back, as we knew what was on some, but not all. We had a real surprise when one was an old film of mine from Glastonbury festival 2008/9? (With an ex boyfriend and everything...awkward!)

We do still take photos on film, but not as many as I would like as we simply can't really afford it. Plus with my slight instagram obsession it's all to easy to just whip out your phone and point and shoot, rather than play around with shutter speeds and apertures. But I miss it, after three years (and previous) of only using film, and developing and printing my own photos at University it's really hard not to do it anymore. It's the one skill I possess and really really enjoy, but can no longer really put it to any use. Other people have creative outlets such as drawing or sewing, which they can use whenever they feel like it, but for me it's not as easy as that! Yes I can still take photographs, and look at the finished product, but I miss the craft. I miss using my hands, playing and working through the processes, and creating my work. I've spent hours and hours of my life in the dark, working hard to produce pictures I was proud of, and it feels strange that it's not part of my life anymore. Maybe one day when we can afford it I can set up my own little studio with it's own dark room and spend my days that way, I can dream right? But for now I'll just have to settle with taking the photos and when we do take our old slr, or hasselblad for a spin it just feels so good! And the results are lovely, no post production needed, just original true great quality.

So without further adieu, here are some of them: 

A few portraits from when Theo was a teeeeeeeeny baby! (Jesus look at my terrible skin, in desperate need of a haircut, tired eyed face!)

These next few are from Theo's little first birthday party, what a lovely suprise to get these ones back and to remember it!

I have a few more films to share with you, and hopefully in the future we'll try and keep up to date with our developing as I would love to show you more!


  1. oh I see bits of myself in these pics! Theo looks so little, funny to think Wilf is close in age to how how T was here. I remember his first birthday party well as W was only 4 weeks and I felt so anxious whenever an excitable one year old would come over and try and poke him! Seems like a life time ago.
    I love the first two portraits, especially the first one, that is an amazing picture! x

    1. Yeh it's crazy how much they have all changed since then isn't it?! Hope you don't mind being in the pictures!

  2. Hi new reader, so glad I found your blog! Your son Theo is adorable and you have a lovely family! Its been so long since I have developed any of my film, I have a whole bag of it but it's always so fun to see the pictures you took awhile ago! This makes me want to get some of my pictures developed now!

    1. hello, thanks so much! It's always great to have new readers. Thanks so much for the kind words.

      Yeh the film stuff is kind of depressing, I have about 25 rolls of 120 film from a trip to India I went on about 5 years ago, and who knows when they're going to get developed. Just need a few £100s I reckon! Maybe it would be a good idea to put aside a little money each month, and treat yourself to developing maybe two or three!

  3. That third one of Theo's birthday party is amazing! The one where he's standing. There's something about the lighting that makes him look like a cut-out in the picture, or that the rest of the scene is frozen around him, like in a film.


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