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Sorry it's been a bit quiet around here again, life sort of took over again.

We've been busy and happy, enjoying the weekend in the sun (finally!) with friends, enjoying it too much in fact to really remember to pick up the camera or my phone to capture it. I love and hate it when that happens. I love it because it shows that you were having too much of a good time to even stop and think about recording it, but hate it because it didn't get recorded!

On Thursday an old friend from uni came to visit, and we caught up over spaghetti and wine which was lovely. The next day Rob and I went to see the very first showing of Batman. It was good, very good.  Such a treat for Rob and I to go out for a mini date (in the middle of the day!) whilst Theo was being looked after by Oma.

On Saturday we packed up the car and headed to Oxford to celebrate my dear friend Tilly's birthday. Since we spent most of the summers of our teenage years hanging out in a field underneath an oak tree, with friends and fires it felt only fitting to spend the day in a park doing just that. Even though we are all older and our lives have changed, it's still great and important that we can meet for special days and do what we used to do. It was lovely. In fact I'll share a little poem that Tilda found that I think is beautiful and seems to sum up my memories of the experiences and years we spent together and that shaped us for the future;

Woodniche (by Aidan Carl Mathews)

The dragonflies were here before us, friend:

Cupboard of branch and bramble, woodniche
Where the sun tumbles, foxgloves are gorgeous.
Children tore their knees among these thorns,

Fleshed their pullovers with raspberries.

Orange peel made ripples in the brown water,
Pebbles explored beyond our peering.
I Chewed dandelions and the sun brothered me.
Huge as policemen, sombre as soutanes,

The kind trees whispered in the long watch

And I used wonder in tremendous shadow
And be afraid of where the wonder led.

Summer was wealthy with a daze of suntraps,

Daffodil-spitting, sumptuous.
Everywhere Ours for the taking.
Whoever has said It is time to go home is an adult.


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