Love food festival

Shame on me, that since moving to Bristol in September 2010, I had yet to attend a 'love food festival', and I had also never visited The Paintworks, where it is held (I definitely want to visit again and try the cafe, it looked amazing!)

Anyway today I planned to meet up with a friend from the internet land (@nicola_dellard_lyle on instagram!), who has recently moved to Bristol, but believe it or not went to the same Uni as me and even lived in the same house that I lived in, the year after me...strange no?! We have been meaning to meet up for a while, and I'm so glad we finally did. We had fun chatting and walking round the stalls and sampling all the tasty much yummy cheese! Theo tasted his fair share of things too! I ate some amazing Paella with lots of yummy vegetables, and Theo had a mini cheese and marmite crepe, yum yum! It was pretty busy, but a good bustling busy, with a lovely atmosphere. We sat in the court yard to eat our lunch listening to some reggae (which Theo was having a boogie too) and willing the sun to come out again!

This is what I love about Bristol though, there always seems to be something interesting on, (I just need to find out about them sooner!) that is always supporting local produce and business's and are held in interesting venues. And usually most of these things are free! It was a perfect excursion for a Sunday when Rob was working, and so lovely to discover somewhere new, and meet new friends too!


  1. This post has made me hungry. Think I went to this or something similar when I lived in Bristol. Good memories!


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