Last weekend has got me thinking a lot about family. Mainly I guess because I saw quite a few of my family members together, gained two new ones (a step dad, and step sister!) and because I spent time with Rob's family too. There was the whole other side of my family that was missing, my Dad's side, and it is sad that we can't all be together (I don't think we'd fit in one room!) but alas that's how things are, the consequences of events and how life changes. So we have to split our time up seeing different sides of the family, in various different locations.

It made me really happy to think that I have my family around me, even though we may not all live in the same place, or even that near, we are still close and are there for each other when needed. We've had our ups and downs like most families, maybe a few dramas more than average, but definitely no where near Eastenders scale! But I'm glad at the end of it all we are all still close, and we can have fun!

(probably two of the most embarrassing, hideous pictures of me, but it was funny so it doesn't matter!) I miss us all being together! We had a great time reminiscing about our home town and our group of friends. I love you sisters! makes me happy to know that our family is constantly changing, and new additions keep coming along (hi Theo!) and with these changes bring new people into our family. Obviously with Rob I have also gained a whole new family to be part of, and for them to join my family too. I like the idea of that, that two people can bring a whole new bunch of people together, who would otherwise probably never meet and hopefully they all get on!

I feel very lucky to be accepted into Rob's family, I get on with them all well. We had a few strained moments at the beginning due to the living situation, but that's all water under the bridge, and was never that bad in the first place. I'm happy to say that I don't have a nightmare mother-in-law! Robs parents and grandparents especially have made me feel very welcome and have given us help and support when we've needed it. I've always been made to feel included and 'part of the family'. There are still lots of other family members I've yet to meet though!

I'm looking forward to the future when Theo can fully appreciate the huge amounts of family he has, who all love him (a little too much, spoilt brat...)

But in the mean time we'll just have to start planning our wedding so we can all have a big old get together. Looks like I'm stuck with this one doesn't it...

lucky me...


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