the holiday part iv

phew are you bored of holiday pictures yet? I hope not because here is the last installment, promise!

I can't believe our holiday has come and gone already, we spent time looking forward to it, but then as quickly as that its been and gone! And England has rewarded us with a week or rain and pretty full on wind, thanks for that.

Right so where were we, so on Tuesday we had another relaxing day not doing too much but eating yummy food and swimming a little in the pool. On Wednesday we ventured out in the car to try and take in some more of the island and made our way to the beach. Madeira doesn't really have proper beaches, or where there is sand it's black and very coarse, so it doesn't make for great beach holidays. Which is ok for me as I'm not a huge fan of the beach! I always think I'd like to go to the beach, but once I get there the novelty soon wears off and then it just starts annoying me. I mostly hate the sand, it makes my teeth go funny and my skins crawl, sand pits are the worst. We ate a picnic on the beach and it took all of about two minutes for sand to be everywhere and Theo's sandwiches being covered in it. But anyway in Madeira they do have a few man-made beaches with lighter sand and cornered off parts of the sea so it's less rough. Even after all of my resentments of the beach we still had a nice day. We tried to paddle in the sea a little bit, but it wasn't too successful. Theo has been in the sea once before last summer in Barcelona, but he was quite young (5 months I think) and didn't really enjoy it, and this time wasn't much different. I don't know whether it's too cold or the water is a bit too strong for him, but he really wasn't sure. I'm pretty scared of the sea myself, and won't really go swimming in it, but I really hope that he likes it when he's older!

These photos are taken on our journey to the beach and at a stop off to see the views, but unfortunately we couldn't go to the edge of the mountain where there is a huge drop off, and is one of the most exciting sights apparently.

Theo played with his very first bucket and spade and we made sandcastles, which he had great fun destroying! He then went to see what daddy was up to and ended up getting buried, which he wasn't too sure about, especially when the waves came in! And silly Rob forgot to pack his swimming trunks, on the one and only day we said we were going to the beach, and you know why he didn't bring them? Because I didn't pack them for him or didn't remind him to get them himself...tsk men! (haha) Theo and I then sat down in the waves for a while so I could try and get him used to them a little bit more, but I can't say that he still enjoyed it all that much!

That evening Rob and I went out for dinner on our own which was great to have a little break! Theo was teething and cutting a tooth whilst on holiday and his sleeping pattern was a bit messed up, so it was quite hard work some of the time so it was great to escape for an hour or two!

The next day was our last day so we took a trip back to Funchal for a little more exploring. It was nice just to relax and walk around, and Theo had great fun meeting and greeting all the locals! Oh and that's a point, Theo had two little holiday romances! He got wooed by the older girls and even gave them a little kiss and a cuddle, it was hilarious!

So that's the end of the holiday! We had to get up fairly early the next morning to tidy and finish packing, and off we went to the airport! I wish we had a little more time to explore more of the Island and spend some more time in places, but we really enjoyed what we did see!

I'll leave you some funny photos of the boys!

Please note the matching flat caps and toms....losers! ciao!


  1. Looks like you all had a lovely holiday!
    Makes me want to jet off somewhere but I think realistically we'll have to wait till next year as taking a baby and a toddler I'd probably need a holiday to recover! Loving your beach style x


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