the great British summer

So hi! We're back from our holiday, back to cloudy old England. It's a shame we missed the glorious weather (we had nice weather too, but you always sort of want it to be rubbish at home when you go away so you can be extra smug, but not this time!) and there is nothing better than a sunny, hot British summers day.

As we flew into England I watched the patchwork fields come into view, with the rambling country villages with beautiful stone houses, surrounded by woodlands and my heart gladdened. As much as I love going on holiday or visiting new places, there is nothing better than coming home.

I hope the summer will continue to be a good one (it's been too long!) and we can enjoy more time outside in the garden or out as a little family. That is one of the main reasons I'm so glad that I decided not to take the Zoo job, the thought of working every weekend this summer and not spending them with Rob, or going on little adventures to visit family and friends made me really sad. There will be plenty of time in the future for a job, but for now it's family time!

Here are a few photos from before our holiday enjoying the sunshine in the garden!

Theo and I had great fun playing in the late afternoon sunshine, getting pretty much every garden toy we own out. This includes two paddling pools, a climbing frame and slide, ball pool balls, the tipi, the ride on car (all of which thankfully are either second hand finds or homemade!) We only have a teensy garden, but I think we make the most of it!

So now we're back from our holiday I'm ready for the summer to roll on! (please come back sun!)

Will update and share photos from our holiday soon!


  1. He does use it in the garden but there's not much room to push him around, he used it the other ay to go see the olympic torch!

  2. Glad you had a good time, looking forward to seeing your pics!


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