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So you may think I'm a bit obsessed with going on holiday, and well you're right. I'm always thinking up the next place we can go and visit, and where we can holiday next. I love travelling, I love seeing new places, I love returning to old favourites, I love the excitement of planning and getting there, but I don't love it when they end.

I've always loved traveling, and when I was young, free and single (haha) I was lucky enough to be able to go on a few traveling adventures, some not so far to the Scottish Highlands, Orkney, Shetland and around Norway, some a little further inter-railing around Eastern Europe and some pretty far away to India and Nepal. I'm so glad I was able to jump at the chance to go on these trips as they have had such a great influence on who I am today! I enjoyed each and every one of them in many different ways. Rob wasn't so lucky as me, and planned to go traveling after he finished Uni, until well Theo came along that is, and I know he feels like he's missed out a little and wants to experience some traveling. But hopefully if we plan it right, and save save save, we can every once in a while take our little family on an exciting adventure somewhere. But in the meantime we'll just have to stay local for our holidays!

We've been lucky enough to be able to go abroad twice already with Theo, once to Barcelona last year to visit my sister and this year, as you know we went to Madeira a few weeks ago with my Mum and Andy. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to visit these places and stay (for free!) and to also spend time with my family, and Theo is such a lucky boy! But I think for our next holiday we'll definitely be staying in the Uk. As fun and exciting as taking a flight is, it's also a lot of hard work. Packing and getting to the airport, then waiting for the flight, then entertaining a baby/toddler on it is pretty draining. Also being in a city, or a place where there is lots you want or should go out and see, is really hard with someone else to think of, and to fit naps around etc... As much as we enjoyed these holidays, it feels a little like we need a holiday when we get back from them!

So to save money, (and save up for big adventures) we are going to have to do things simple, and local. There's something great about just being able to load up the car and drive a for a few hours and arrive on holiday, a hell of a lot less stressful! You might remember that last year we went on a little holiday to Devon. We had such a great time just us together, and even though we went in late Autumn it was still great to get away.

We stayed with family friends and enjoyed blustery walks along beautiful beaches, pub lunches and cozy evenings in.

On this trip we visited Croyde Bay and Woolacombe Bay where you can rent holiday lodges, caravans, tents and even sweet villas. We said that next time we go on holiday in the summer we'll definitely have to check these out. Rob used to holiday with his parents at these very same parks when he was a child, and has fond memories of playing on the beach, swimming in the onsite pools and enjoying the entertainment! It sounds perfect for us, whether we want to slightly rough it camping or enjoy a little luxury of staying in a lodge. I'd love to rent out a big one and go on holiday with friends, or keep it just us three again for a quiet, relaxing holiday! Both sound pretty good to me!

I can imagine us in the future coming back for more and more local holidays, as even though it's not abroad there's still plenty to do, and it's often way too easy to overlook the beautiful English landscape and scenery just on our doorstep!

p.s I just remembered I wrote a post way back at the beginning of this blog talking about going on family camping holidays!


  1. Ah you're so right! I never did any of the traveling stuff. for some reason uni came and went and then i got stuck into work so i sort of feel i missed out a little.
    but i'm with you on the local holiday thing. it feels nice to visit somewhere amazing - but yet that is in your own country. ben is dreaming of owning a camper van...goodness knows when we'll be able to afford that! but that is a major dream for us. family camping holidays all in the uk and enjoying the more simple pleasures!
    going to look up your suggestions now!
    we're even thinking of braving it to glasto next year with stanley...see you there?!!!!

    1. Hell yes to glasto! Me and all my friends have been saying we're dying to go back, and would be good to go whilst there that age (and before I have any more!) would be great to have some family camping company haha! (need to start saving now though!)

      Yeh there so much of the uk I want to visit again, such as the peak district, more of Wales and Scotland, the list goes on! Yes come to Devon! It's lovely down there!



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