the holiday part iii

After our relaxing day spent at the apartment and the pool we headed out for a drive and a walk on the Monday. As you can imagine Madeira has lots and lots of amazing, beautiful walks, but we only did this one. Perhaps if Theo was a little older we would do more, but it's hard to expect him to go on lots of walks, or for us to carry him all the way (he is pretty heavy these days!) But I'm glad we did this one, well part of this one as we could have walked further.

On the way we drove past the airport with it's scarily close to the sea runway, and stopped at some pretty impressive viewpoints. You could literally spend hours looking out over the ocean, and the horizon stretches for miles and miles. It's really peaceful!

We ate a little picnic before setting off on our walk, and Theo was amazed to see all the lizards running over the rocks. He made his 'ssssss' snake noise when he saw them, which I thought was pretty clever as they are reptiles and do look a little like snakes! He walked quite a way with us down hill at the beginning of the walk, I was so impressed with him! Along the way every passer by smiled and laughed to see such a little boy walking along.

Theo walked from the top of the hill! Thirsty work!
looking out at 'The deserters'
Me and my mama

The walk is along a peninsula so you get to see both the north coast and the south coast at the same time. It was really beautiful!

After the walk we visited a small town called Santana on the north side of the Island where they still have some traditional Madeiran houses. Even though they weren't set up inside, they just had gift shops etc, it was still good to see them, and the gardens were lovely.

Quite an action packed day! On the way home we took a very scenic route through the centre of the island all through the eucalyptus forests. Lovely!

I'll leave it here for today, as I need an early night. I'm feeling slightly under the weather today, probably as it's been a pretty busy week or two and it's all catching up with me!


  1. as you enjoy a nice walk and rob seems strong! then maybe you should invest in a more backpack rucksack baby carrier? we got one of ebay for a really good rice. it's a vaude i think....
    stanley much prefers it now to the ergo because he sits up high on top of ben's shoulders almost with a really good view.
    anyway thought i'd say...
    lovely pictures - i've never been to madeira but you make me want to visit it looks amazing! xoxo

  2. Oh your photos are glorious and Theo looks so sweet in his little hat. Glad you had a good time, always nice coming home though isn't it? Hope you get a nice rest and feel better soon. x


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