Out and about: Grimsbury Farm

Yesterday morning we decided to go to another nearly new sale near us, but somewhere where we hadn't been before on the other side of Kingswood. We've not really explored that way, and I don't know anything about it! We went to the sale and bought a few good things, including a ride on car for £2.50 and a whole wooden train set for £5. Bargains!

On the way we caught sight of a sign to 'Grimsbury community farm" and thought it sounded promising, so on the way back we decided to pop in to have a look around. I'm so glad we did! It was beautiful! There were great views of the countryside and it felt very fresh and open, the sun even decided to show itself a little whilst we were there.

We spent an hour or so making our way round and looking at all the farm animals, and Theo practiced all his farm animals noises. There were sweet lambs, and lots of ducks and chickens in the first little bit, all who were pretty tame. We then found a funny snuffling pig and fed some cows, much to Theo's delight. We also found the guinea pigs and rabbits, some of which were for sale, and at £10 each we nearly went away with a bunny. I really really want a bunny rabbit, and hopefully when we have some more garden space we can get one! And also chickens and goats and ducks and maybe a pig when we live on our farm...

Anyway, back to reality, they also had a great play park, which Theo could play on nearly all of it, which is quite rare for a park. He loved it. I'm so glad we found this little place, it's a little too far to walk to, but is definitely in cycling distance for the future. How many other little farms are there in Bristol?! You know we love them so, and we will find them all! 


  1. Beautiful pics & another place i must visit, it looks lovely :)


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