Out and About: Bristol Zoo

So I took a little trip to Bristol Zoo yesterday, for a job interview. Most of you will probably know that I got the job, which is great! But more on that later.

After my interview I was allowed to stay and enjoy the Zoo, which is what I was hoping they would say, so I rang Rob's mum who was nearby with Theo, and they came in a joined us. We had a fun afternoon taking our time walking round the Zoo looking at all the animals. Theo really enjoyed it, but I think there was a bit too much for him to take in and he didn't really know what to look at first and just ran around everywhere!

We had such a fun day! I can't wait to visit more and more (hopefully with a free membership?!) with Theo, so he can go often and really get to know and enjoy the zoo and all its animals. It really is such a great place to grow up with as a kid. Rob has lots of memories from when he was a child, I think he even took his first steps there! And I can't wait for Theo to have the same!

More on the job side later!


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