Out and About: Blaise Castle

Finally today we had some glorious weather, and after a month of rain I was desperate to get out the house and enjoy it. As was the rest of Bristol apparently.

This morning we got up and went out early to a nearly new sale, where we picked up some great bargains before coming home for Theo's nap. It was a smaller less hectic nearly new sale than the last one I went to, which was so much better, I find the big ones a bit full on with all the pushy and fierce yummy mummy's.

Anyway after Theo woke up from his nap we met with Rob and his dad, had a bit of lunch then headed out into the sunshine. We wanted to do something outside and for free so decided to go somewhere we haven't been in a while and Blaise Castle grounds are a short drive away in the north of Bristol. It has pretty impressive playgrounds for children of all ages, a big sandpit for the toddlers and amazing climbing frames and slides for the older kids, can't wait til Theo's old enough for them! There's lots of grassy lawns to run around, and beautiful trees to walk under. There is also a path through the woods where you can walk along the stream, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside. Perfect for a lovely free Saturday afternoon in the sun if you ask me!

First we had a play in the park, which was so busy! But Theo had fun going up and down the slide repeatedly, I bumped into a friend and we had a little catch up.

After a good old play we headed to sit on the grass, where Theo enjoyed just being able to run and potter about playing with us and his ball. All he ever really wants to do it just be free to go where he wants, so a big open outdoor space is perfect for him.

Rob has the weekend off of work this week, so it's lovely to be able to do things as a family, that normal families do at the weekends! And it's so lovely to see them playing together.

There were tons of other kids around and Theo was fascinated by them, and just followed them about watching them playing under the trees and occasionally tried to steal their footballs...

It was such a lovely afternoon, but you know what made it even better? ....Ice cream!

Hope everyone else has been enjoying the sunshine, and is having a lovely weekend!


  1. I think we were all out this weekend. Was so good to have a bit of sun after all this goddam rain! I know I shouldn't be wishing away the time but I can't wait until Amelie can play with her pa like that :)

  2. all of these photographs are absolutely beautiful! what a perfect family! ;)
    xo TJ


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