A Theo update

So I thought it was time for a little Theo update as its been a while since my last one

So we've reached the glorious age of 15 months and what a lot of fun it is!

Theo is pretty much running around everywhere which is super funny to watch, and all he wants to do really is be free and explore everywhere.

He's still cutting in teeth, 3 molars currently, but thankfully they don't seem to be causing him too much trouble at the moment.

I've noticed that he is starting to understand us and the things we say to him so much more. For example if we are about to go out I say "where are your shoes?" and he goes to where they are and picks them up. In the mornings when he is playing with some toys I make breakfast and when it's ready I put it on the table and say "breakfast ready" and he comes running up to the table. He tells us when he wants to go to bed or when we ask him if he's ready. It's so sweet!

He's starting to say a few more words too, well not exact words but sound patterns. He uses the same sound combinations over and over for the same objects, for example he's started saying what sounds a lot like football! Every time he sees his football or any ball he'll go "ootall" and says what sounds a lot like "beddy" when we ask him if he wants to go to sleep. He also says what sounds like thank you when you give him something or he passes you an object, (we haven't pushed good manners upon him, but if that's what he's picked up then great! Haha!)
He says daddy pretty well now and points to Rob when he does or when Rob enters the room, no mummy yet though. He has a pretty convincing "uck" when he plays with his ducks in the bath or we go to the park, in fact animals noises seem to be his speciality! He's now got dog, monkey, snake, lion, and duck noises down pretty well. If he sees any of these animals anywhere in books, on the tv, pictures or in real life he will continually make the little noises. We've even got a monkey mask that he likes to point to and go "oo ah ah" too! I love it, we really need to take another trip to the zoo so he can appreciate all the animals! And of course he still calls every cat he sees "alma" and even called a tiger on the tv alma!

He also started eating really well and can mostly finish his bowl or plate full
most meals, with little help from us. He's getting a lot better at using cutlery too. I'm so glad I persevered with baby led weaning, as I feel it's really paid off as he feeds himself and tries quite a lot of different foods. There were times though where I wasn't sure it was working or that he would ever eat properly, but I'm glad I was patient with it.

And lastly to my favourite subject of sleep. We moved Theo into his own room. Well it's not properly his own room yet, but we're getting there. Today we had a huge sort out and move around and moved all his things into one room and now have our own bedroom to ourselves. I'm still getting up in the night to feed Theo, but it isn't so bad as he's sleeping on our big double sofa bed so it's comfy for me too, unlike his bed on the floor. I just decided to see how he would do in another room for one night, as he wasn't settling well in our room. And I'm pleased to say he hasn't even really noticed the move, and is going down at night a lot better. It made me sad though the other night going into our room with his bed still in there and him not in it, it seemed so strange. Also the other night when went up to put him to bed, he ran to our bedroom and flopped down on his little floor bed waiting for me. It made me feel really sad as its so sweet to see that he knew what and where his bed was. Like his own little space where he feels comfortable and safe, and then we've gone and changed it! Today we took his little bed down, but we will hopefully recreate that space for him, but in a whole room of his own. Its getting there slowly, and I think it's a good sign that he can quickly adapt to a new space. I will be sure to show you some pictures when we've finished!

I'm still going to feed him for the time being whilst he settles into his new space, but then gradually try night weaning him. I've spoken to agree people who have tried similar things and feel confident that it's the right time and choice for us. But more on all this later!

That's all for now, goodnight! P


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