A serious subject

So the weather has been lovely this last week, and I'm sure most of you have been enjoying it to! The sun does seem to bring out the best, sitting in parks eating lovely picnics, being able to wear summer dresses and sandals everyday, and more importantly being able to spend the day outside, all day! But sometimes I think the sun does tend to bring out bad things too, mainly, men taking their tops off (c'mon I don't want to see it!) girls wearing way too short shorts (again, c'mon I don't want to see your bum cheeks, thanks!) and more importantly people smoking everywhere.

Like I said, it's been amazing to take Theo to parks and sit around, but I've noticed that since the weather has been better the more people are sitting around smoking. Now I know it's a free country and people can legally smoke outside, and if they're an adult that's fine, (just please don't smoke too near me or my child!) but what really makes me feel sad is all the kids I see smoking. I know it's a fashionable thing to do, I used to smoke when I was about 16, then stopped for years, then started again, then stopped right before I got pregnant. But the thought of me smoking now makes me feel weird, I can't imagine it, and I can't imagine Theo growing up being around people who smoke. I know that there might be a point in the future when he is old enough that he might try smoking (I hope he doesn't!) but it's something that might not be within my control. But I'd just hate him to fall under peer pressure to look cool, and to have been drawn in by advertising and packaging.

When it was made illegal for big shops to display cigarette packets I thought this was a great idea, and I only hope that the move is made to all shops, and I really think that changing all packaging to plain packets would really help too. I know when I was younger I definitely had my favourite brand because of the packaging, and you were a certain type of person defined by what cigarette brand you smoked...weird. So take away the branding, and maybe cigarettes would loose some of their appeal.

I've been reading the info on this website that is trying to gain support from the public to help the government adopt of plain packaging policy for all cigarette brands.Take a look and sign up too if you feel it's an important campaign.

Smoking facts for kids
Protect our children. Visit the Plain Packaging Campaign for more information and to pledge your support.

I think it's such an important campaign, especially as I'm a mother, I hope that when Theo is old enough something like this will help change the way kids are pressured into smoking, and hopefully it will put kids off altogether. 


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