Sunday adventures

This weekend has been nice, my Mum came down to stay and Rob had the weekend off, which was great. Unfortunately my mum wasn't too well with a cold, probably caught from Theo as he's been suffering a bit this week too, as well as cutting two molars at the top...ouch!

Today we drove out to Wrington to visit The Ethicurean cafe at the walled garden there. Rob and I have been once before, back in October on a weekday, so it was a lot busier than it was when we first visited. The weather was also a lot better so we could really appreciate the beautiful views you get from there. The sun was shining and it was packed inside so we decided to brave it and sit outside, it was a little chilly when the sun went behind the clouds, but other than that it was worth it to enjoy the sunshine (please come back nice weather, mainly so I can wear my newly purchased sandals!) also it was good to be outside so Theo could have a run around.

In Theo's wanderings he found a boy reading a Beano and climbed up to check it out, very kindly the other little boy shared and showed him the pictures, to which Theo responded with very enthusiastic 'ooo's and aahs'. It sort of hit me then that Theo is a boy, who will read comics himself one day and roll down hills and get his clothes dirty. (not that girls can't do that too, I did!) But it's just funny to get a little glimpse of the future sometimes!

After a little bit of a long wait our food arrived, just as Theo as about to give up and throw a tired/hungry fit. But it was worth the wait!

(sorry to all those vegetarians out there for the meaty photos!) Rob had the rare-roasted sirlion, which he proclaims is the best beef he has ever eaten, and he is a fairly big meat lover so that's saying something! I had pigeon breast (with no shots hooray!) and my mum had wild mushrooms. All served with delicious mash and kale. Oh and not forgetting Theo, who had a sized down kids macaroni and cheese, which he devoured and for the first time ever managed to finish his whole portion!

It's safe to say that our plates were licked and wiped clean with the lovely sour dough bread, and we were the owners of some very happy bellies!  After a little more exploring we headed back to Bristol to drop my Mum off at the train station and made our way home!

Hope everyone else has had a lovely weekend!

p.s thanks to all the helpful comments and advice I received on here and twitter about the reins situation, as you can see from the first picture we bought the little turtle backpack and have been trying it out this weekend. Theo has taken to it quite well, and is so happy to be able to walk around and have more freedom, but it takes an age to get anywhere as all he wants to do is stop and try and open every car door, walk into every shop and stop in every doorway...


  1. Wow, this place looks lovely! How have I never heard of it before?! Is it kiddie friendly as well as baby friendly would you say? I'd love to take my 3 there!


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