Out and About: Windmill hill city farm

So I haven't really posted in the last few days as we've kind of just been busy with (non blog worthy) things, and just enjoying a few days break! Rob only had Saturday off this weekend which we spent doing nice family things, such as taking Theo swimming in the morning, and then enjoying a few hours of baby free time together looking in some shops in town (such a luxury!)

Today Rob had to work until four, which was fine as Theo and I had a quiet morning in playing. Theo slept for two hours today straight, which he has started doing a lot more frequently. He just naps once a day now, but the naps are longer and he stays asleep for longer. So that suits me fine, it's great to have a two hour break in my day to get some house work done, relax and eat some food. I definitely need it, I'm not sure what I'm going to do when he starts to drop his nap altogether, that scares me... A Lot. 

But anyway this afternoon I picked Rob up from work and we made it to South Bristol. I always feel like we are going on a bit of an adventure when we go south of the river, because even though I've only lived in Bristol a short while I feel like I'm definitely a north Bristolian, and going to the south feels like going to a completely new place! I like South Bristol, don't get me wrong, but I don't know it at all! We have old friends from Uni who live there, so it's really lovely to go once in a while and have a catch up. 

I'd heard of Windmill Film city farm before, and have always wanted to check it out. As you know I'm a huge fan of the St.Werburghs city farm, so given the chance I wanted to check out this one. We've noticed that Theo absolutely LOVES animals. Whenever he sees dogs when we're out, or animals on the television he goes crazy for them! He gets so excited and wants to touch them and make all the noises, so we thought any excuse to get to see some animals would be good for him! We met with our friends and made it round just before it closed.

 Luckily the weather cleared up for our visit, but that didn't stop us dressing Theo in his full rain gear! 

 We looked at the geese, chickens and ducks, all the while trying to make convincing quacking/clucking and hooting noises! Theo said what sounded a lot like duck too, well he said 'uck', so I'm hoping he was saying duck...

 Next we saw the sweet pigmy goats! I love goats at the best of time, but pigmy goats?! Amazing! I wish I could have one, and that Theo could ride around on it's back...

 Theo discovered splashing in puddles, giant rabbits and pigs. We then went for a walk around the allotments and to find some more animals. 

 (please excuse my horrible windswept messy hair, it looks terrible! Oh yeh and my face...)

 In fact this goat looks better than I do!

But aside from me being vain and looking a state, we had a lovely afternoon. Afterwards we went for coffee in Grounded and had nice chats. I love having free afternoons out, and like I've said before what could be better than going to see some animals! I really like the Windmill Hill farm, it's laid out really well and I like that you can go and walk around the allotments. It seems like it just goes on and on and there is a lot to see. They have a cafe too, but was closed  when we arrived, but I would love to see what that is like too. So thumbs up from us to this other city farm! Can't say which one is my favourite yet though...


  1. Looks like a fun day out, and you look lovely, your new hair really suits you. Also, where is you grey dress from? I really like it x

    1. Aw thanks! My hair was half pinned up and was falling out all over the place! The dress is from topshop in the sale, quick!

      Yeh the farm is really nice, looking forward to going back when te weather is better and when we have more time! X


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