The big toddle

After seeing Charlotte fundraising for the same thing, I thought I would check it out and join in too! Well make Theo join in!

We're taking part in The Big Toddle at Blaise Castle in Bristol. Which involves children well toddling, to raise money for the most underprivileged children in the UK. We thought it looked really fun and for a good cause, so would be very thankful if people wanted to sponsor Theo.

Also if any other Mummas/carers/grandparents in Bristol want to get involved it would be so much fun to all do it together!

Anyway here is Theo's fundraising page! Please help spread the word to sponsor or join in!

As for me, I plan on doing a run this summer too, so stay tuned!

oh and p.s the theme is super heros! Would could be cuter than little kids dressed up as super heros!?


  1. Enjoy Blaise Castle, I went to school just down the road (St Bede's), and spent a lot of time in the castle grounds between exams. Happy days!


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