the haircut

I need your help, internet world (this is obviously a hugely important, groundbreaking post). I badly need a haircut, and probably a re-style, but just don't know what! I'm terrible at knowing what would suit me and don't have a clue what looks good...

This is my hair today

Please excuse the terrible photo booth photo

this was last week

My fringe has grown wild and i need to decide whether to keep it or not (I do quite like having a fringe)

And I'm slightly tempted to cut it short and have a complete are some pinterest inspitrations:

A bob:

Source: via Abigail on Pinterest

or keep it long and just get tidied up

or go brave and cut it all off (not sure I could pull this off)

any suggestion or help would be greatly appreciated, or even more links on pinterest!


  1. A bob for summer definitely! You will look even more beautiful! xoxo

  2. Bob! I always cut all my hair into a bob for summer and then grow it, but this year I'm keeping it long, just so I can tie it back during labour! x

  3. I think you would look lovely with either style! I agree a bob would be a nice change especially with summer looming. I like the last picture of the bob! I am always mega jealous of girls with pretty long curly red locks though.

  4. I"m obviously all for the bob although i get hair envy with people with long hair!
    it might make a nice change to cut it though for summer...and hey, it'll always grow back! x


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