The new bed

So I thought that I'd finally get round to sharing pictures of Theo's new bed. We've had a bit of a hectic week already and Theo's picked up a horrible eye infection, which isn't fun.

 After my last post on the whole sleeping situation, and after lots of helpful advice and support Rob and I talked about the sleeping arrangement. We both love co-sleeping and the ease that it brings for us, and we are all still happy with carrying on feeding at night and feel happy with Theo still in the same room, but were feeling that it would be nice to have a little room back, and more importantly have a little more space for us. It's hard to feel close to someone when there is a sprawled out baby in the middle, you can't even have a cuddle. So we thought we might attempt to try something new.

We were kindly given a cot-bed, which we did use for a time in our old flat when it was side-carred to the bed, but that wasn't all the time either, as Theo worked his way back to sleeping between us. When we moved we put the cot-bed up but with no room to side car it we told ourselves that we would put Theo in the cot at some point. Needless to say, Theo never spent any time at all in the cot since we've moved and it just became a dumping ground (I found our Christmas stockings with scrunched up wrapping paper in there when moving it!) So we decided it had to go. Also since Theo has decided he can climb EVERYTHING, it probably wouldn't be long (if he ever did go in the cot) before he was climbing out of that and causing himself injury! I didn't feel that bad about taking it down, at least we hadn't spent lots of money on the cot and it not get used. We've put it in the loft until maybe we might use it again in the future or just pass it on to someone else!

As Theo was still going to be in the same room as us we needed something that would be cosy, safe and easy for me to get to to feed. We put the cot-bed mattress on the floor with a few pillows in, mainly for my comfort and to block up the gaps down the sides of the alcove. I'd had my eye on these awesome canopy's for a while now, and was really excited to finally have an excuse to buy one!

We went for the cloud version as it was a little bit more boyish, but still very pretty at the same time! 

Next we decided to make the space more usable and put up these bookshelves (originally meant to be spice racks from Ikea) to store a few of Theo's books for bedtime stories. I'm so pleased with the results! It's simple but usable and pretty! Theo is really interested in it too, and loves jumping around and looking at the books. When we lie down under the canopy he points and talks about the canpoy so I think we have his approval!

So as far as the actual sleeping goes, it's going ok. Theo is taking all of his naps in his new 'big boy' bed (we keep trying to make a fuss of it and get him excited about it!) and sleeps really well too, I keep on having to wake him up from naps which is pretty unheard of! I also put him down at night there and he is doing really well, staying asleep for a good few hours which is also an improvement. I usually go to bed about 10, so he has a good few hours sleeping alone. On the first night he woke up not long after we got into bed, so I tried to feed him back to sleep in his bed, but he wasn't really having any of it, and got himself all worked up until we took him back into our bed. Then we realised that it's not going to happen over night and he'll take a while to get used to it. Last night I think I probably got an hour or two of sleep before he woke up, and I just brought him to the bed straight away as I was too tired to try anything else! But tonight maybe I will try and keep him in his own bed and see how it goes!

But so far so good, he seems happy in there and it doesn't feel like we're being mean or that he's too far away. There haven't been any battles.

But those few hours where I do get to sleep on my own are amazing! I've forgotten what it's like to sleep with space!

Thanks for all the comments I've already received on Instagram and Twitter, it's fun doing little bits of DIY and make-overs hah! It will be fun when at some point Theo moves to his own room to be able to decorate a whole room!


  1. It looks great! I want to sleep in there!
    Sure with time he'll get used to it and sleep in there all the time...well done on the makeover, and love the 'spice rack' bookshelves - that is an awesome idea i may well be borrowing ;)

    S xx

  2. Love it. I'm stealing the book shelves idea for Zoe's new room! Amy xx

  3. How cute. I'd be pretty happy sleeping there.


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