the garden

Wow, the weather is glorious absolutely favourite thing. The air is fresh, not heavy like in the summer, the trees are budding and searching out the sunshine and my skin is feeling the warm sun for the first time...ahh I do love it so!

I hung the washing out whilst Theo napped, but as soon as he woke up we went for a little play in the garden. I'm so happy we have a small sweet little garden with enough grass to play on. It's nicely enclosed so Theo can happily roam about. He has a slight obsession with putting pebbles in his mouth, and I've given up chasing him to pick them out his mouth. But he loves playing in the washing too, running in and out of the I snapped a few photos as it's so nice out. Yes I got very snap happy!

I hope everyone is enjoying this glorious weather, and has a great weekend!


  1. Ha ha, I thought those were his feet for a moment! xxx

  2. are so cute...high five! Nothing nicer than fresh air dryed bedding...but you've just reminded me that I forgot to being my washing in. Nothing worse than bringing cold washing in, in the dark. Hope this weather keeps up over the weekend! x


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