A Theo update

So I thought it was time for a little Theo update, the good and the bad. So I'll start with the bad!

He's not really that bad he's just changing and showing more that he's a toddler now and not a baby.  He's just testing the boundaries and learning new things, but it's a pretty testing tiring time for poor old mama!

Firstly he's becoming a lot more naughty and cheeky very quickly! He knows when he's doing something he shouldn't, and he looks at you in this way and waits. I say no and try and explain why he shouldn't do it, but then he continues to do the naughty thing, for example pulling the lamp cable on the bedside table, I carry on saying no, but then he just pulls it off the table and it smashes on the floor. He's just testing to see what he can get away with! I can't just keep picking him up and taking him away to try and stop him, because he'll just always try and go back and do the same thing, and I guess I want him to learn consequences to his actions, but boy it's frustrating!

This week he's discovered how to climb up onto the chairs. He's always been quite a climber, trying to get his leg up onto every surface, but this week he's finally worked out how to get onto another level. He pulls the table chairs out, pulls himself up onto the seat, then stands on the chair. And it all happens within seconds!

He then decided he could climb on every other chair in the house too! And proceeded to throw everything off the shelf. We lift him down and tell him no, but sometimes there's just no stopping him.

And that's another story, if you do stop him doing something he wants to do, he definitely tells you about it. He started to show signs of little tantrums, throwing himself on the floor, doing bratty crying and even sometimes hitting us. I'm scared that it's only going to get worse! I need a toddler manual I think, I have no idea what I'm doing really, and it seems like I'm just constantly saying no all day long. Any tips?!

But anyway, he's not doing anything that any other active, inquisitive little 13 month old wouldn't do, it just means I've got my hands full with this little boy!

But onto the good! As I mentioned before Theo is showing his affection towards us a lot more. He now gives me kisses and cuddles ALL day long, holding out his little arms for a cuddle! He also greets Rob in the sweetest way when he comes home from work! Rob will kneel down with him arms open, and Theo will walk towards him with his arms open too, and then he gives him a massive hug and a kiss, but of course he then has to come and give me a kiss, as he doesn't like anyone to be left out! I love it so much!

When I was at my Mums house last week he found a little dog cuddly toy and carried it round with him, we were making woofing noises, which he then copied. Every time that he now sees a dog he starts making that noise again! I keep on being amazed at how good he is at remembering objects and sound associations. Same with trains, he goes woo-woo! On that note every time he sees a cat he says aaaalll-ma, as though every cat is called Alma, or that the name for cats is Alma. It's pretty funny!

He's also started to show his use of logic more and more, and over the last few weeks I've definitely seen his skills improve. He seems to be getting the hang of shape sorters, and claps himself when he gets the shape in the right hole! I love it!

I hope this doesn't come across as 'oh look how amazing my baby is', it's not meant to be showing off, but all of these things just amaze me and make me proud to see him learn and progress, and I guess this is my way of recording these moments.

So lastly I just wanted to share how big he's getting! He's no baby anymore! We found this pretty cool workbench in a charity shop for £3.50 (bargain!) and thought we should buy it for him. I'm not really into pushing very strong gender toys on children, and I'd be as happy if Theo was playing with a toy pram or doll, (he does love brushing his own hair with my hairbrush too) but thought this was too awesome to pass up!

He's already started acting like a proper man, going to his workbench and banging away needlessly on bits of wood...that's what men do right?

I think that's about it! He is such a funny little one, that I can't stay mad at him when he is naughty! Especially with all the kisses...


  1. Oh my GOD! He has grown tremendously since M's party! This is crazy! He looks like a proper little boy, soooooo cute. Ah those fucking tantrums, Lil's been having hardcore ones - do you know what I do? Lay her on the floor and say 'uh oh, the tickle monster is coming' and then tickle her. It calms both of us down and gets us both giggling. I'm not looking forward to the hitting phase, waaaaaaaaaaaaah. I wish there were classes on how to deal with tantrums and naughty behaviour!

    But you are doing a swell job (swell? What am I?), he was so lovely at the party and a little joker. Lil's in looooooooove xxxx

    1. Haha I know right?! He's a massive child now! Lil's got excellent taste if I do say so myself! Match made in heaven!

      Good idea about the tiggling, distraction is always the key! It it's really hard at this stage as it feels as though he is testing the boundaries of everything, which is great as he's inquisitive but just means its a bit more hard work for me! Plus he loves attention (as they all do!) so I guess being naughty is just one way of getting it, I just need to learn not to rise to it!

      I'm sure we'll all work it out in the end, it's the next glorious stage in motherhood isn't it, instead of being pooed and sicked on, we'll just be hit and embarrassed by tantrums in public...

  2. Stanley is totally doing all of what you mention. He understands what 'no' means but chooses to ignore it anyway. In fact i think he does things on purpose just to hear the word! I'm trying to use other words like 'stop' danger' 'careful' and rather oddly 'hey!' if i want to get his attention and stop whatever he's about to/is doing! Otherwise i feel i'm saying 'no' a trillion times an hour!
    He hits me too. On the chest if i pick him up away from whatever i'm stopping him doing. i just try not to make too much of a bit deal about it and just say 'ow' 'poor mummy don't hit me'.... that kind of thing. oh and we have the throwing around tantrums too. they are pretty special!
    i read a good quote somewhere which said this behaviour around age 1 was totally normal progression into being a toddler and the quote read: "i'm a toddler hear me ROAR!!!!"
    too true hey?!!!

    1. Ugh it's pretty testing isn't it? I definitely need to find other ways of saying no, as he seems to enjoy hearing it but not listening to what it means! He's started shaking his head now too when he knows he doing something he shouldn't! So cheeky!

      But yeh the hitting thing, I'm trying to not over react when he does it, as I guess if I rise to other gets sort of excited and does it again. The other night when I was putting him to bed he decided it would be fun to slap me in the face. At first I said 'ow' no don't do that, but then he thought it was a game and kept on doing it. So in the end I just moved him away from him and didn't look at him ad he soon got bored of he hitting game! I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this though, it helps to get tips from other people and remind yourself that your child is normal and not a monster! X


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