A Theo update

So thought I would do a little update about the boy. I probably think it at every different age he's reach, but I am really really enjoying my little one year old.

Things I am enjoying lots at the moment include:

The kisses, if you say give me a kiss or make a kissing sound Theo will open his mouth and push out his lips and give you a big, wet smacker on the lips! He doesn't always do it on demand (he's not a monkey!) but when he does it's the sweetest thing!

The walking, I love to see his funny little legs walking, it makes him so happy to be mobile! He looks like a proper little boy now that he's walking around and bending up and down to pick up toys. I also love it when you open up your arms and he walks to you and gives you a big hug.

The affection, as mentioned above I love that he has started to properly show affection for the people he loves. He recognises and reacts to different family members and shows them lots of love too. It makes me so proud!

The words, well one word mainly, Alma. He points at her and says "alll-Ma'.

The confidence, I love how happy and confident he is. He has no qualms about playing with new children, whatever their age, and he smiles at everyone. People on the bus, at the supermarket, at playgroups, old ladies in cafes...everyone!

 Enjoying music, Theo has really started to enjoy music, he's started to dance when he hears it (probably the sweetest thing ever) he stamps his feet and turns around in a circle...in fact here's a little video

He also loves instruments and anything he can bang together to make sound. The other day at a play group and man came in to play some songs and had a guitar. Theo stood right in front of him memorized with him playing it, then later had a little pluck of the strings himself!

So those are just a few of things I am loving at the moment. There are tons more, and he makes me proud everyday!


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