Out and About: Theo and the beach

So just catching up now with more tales from our trip!

The day after we went to Exeter we ventured to Torquay. We took the train again and when we arrived it was bitterly cold. We walked along the seafront in the sunshine being blustered about. We then walked into town to have a look at the charity shops. In my experience seaside charity shops  are always the best, and we didn't do too badly, we scored two amazing owl paintings, a xylophone and a few books for Theo.

We had lunch and a look around some more shops then headed back to the seafront, luckily the wind had died down so it wasn't so bone bitingly bitter so we went for a walk on the beach. Theo's been to the beach on holiday in Spain, but was too young to really know what it was or enjoy it, so for me this was his first real experience of it, and I think it's safe to say that he loved it! I'm so happy that he's walking now as it means that he can experience and do lots more, even though he did crawl a little bit, it means he gets a lot less messy!

Sorry for the mass photo spam, but it's just too hard to choose when Theo's being this cute!


  1. I love these. his face is too cute. looks like you had so much fun Sx


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