February so far

Here's a little round up of our February (can't believe it's February already!) according to my phone. I've been taking part in two more photo challenges on Instagram again! (they're horribly addictive)

We spent the beginning in Devon as you know having fun on the beach and such, before returning home to a freeezing house! (We turned our heating off when we went away not thinking to check the weather, which was below freezing every night!) Whoops! At the weekend my dad, Grandad came to visit us which was great. We took the bus into town and had a walk around the docks, where we stopped to have hot chocolate just as it started snowing. We walked until we were frozen then went to the M Shed museum. Theo had fun walking around and looking and fiddling with all the displays and of course loved it when Granddad took him on the old bus, he had fun waving at us from the top deck! Sunday was Rob's last day of holiday so we had a nice lazy late breakfast and I made hashbrowns, which were yummy. I can't believe Rob has started his new job and the three weeks are over already?! What did we even do, I know, we watched 2 series of Breaking Bad that's what...

Anyway with Rob back to work I attempted to get back to my normal routine of getting out the house and seeing friends. So that's exactly what I did, I went to see my friend Amy for a little play date with Zoe, which was fun. Rob is working 9-5 at the moment before he gets his shift patterns, which for us is heaven! Him being back at about 5.30 is just amazing, and feels like he hasn't really been out the house all day and I don't have time to wait around for him to come home.

My Mum and Andy (yaya and granddad Andy) came to visit us today, as my Mum is finally feeling better after her stay in hospital. It was so nice to see them, and to see her healthy again. Theo was so happy to see them too and had lots of fun with them. We went for a walk to the park and then for some lunch. They stayed for dinner too, but as usual the day went too fast and I got tired and bit little bit grumpy (sorry). Theo is teething at the moment so when the evening comes he turns into a whingey, nursing monster, which drains me of energy! Luckily Rob cooked a lovely dinner which we could all sit down and enjoy!

So that's about it for now, I've got plans to see a few more friends this week, then lo and behold Rob has the weekend off! I know, LUXURY...We have a little birthday party to go to, which should be fun!


  1. That photo of the potato rostis gets me every time!! Mmmm....


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