A weekly roundup

yikes I haven't written anything in nearly a week! I don't know really what has happened. I've not really felt like writing anything to be honest, it was a bit of a dead week and I haven't spent much time online or doing much of any interest.

Boring I hear you say! yes indeed. But before I go on, here are a few pictures of what we got up to last week:

1&2 big kid, little kid pretending he's a big kid
3&4 ill day snuggling, lemon and ginger tea
5&6 Hanging out in Ikea, feeding himself porridge
7&8 fun lunch at a party
9&10 ball pool fun
11&12 shadow conspirators, playing with a new toy

This week we have been a little bit ill, not majorly but enough to drain my energy enough to sit and watch a whole mornings worth of cebeebies...enough to start even finding Mr. Bloom attractive..We've been trying to go out everyday and get back into our routine, but I don't think we quite made it out the house on Thursday. Saturday was spent in Ikea and doing food shopping, baking blueberry muffins and generally wasting the day away. Sunday was probably the funnest day as it involved going to the lovely Mersinas party, hosted by my friend Jo. But it wasn't without it's drama, as stupidly when getting ready to go I put Mersinas present on top of my car whilst I strapped Theo in, then just got in the car and drove away, it wasn't until I'd got about half way did I realise, so raced back to look along the way to see where it had fallen off, but didn't find it! I was gutted, what a waste! But I can only hope that the present was picked up and will be loved by another child instead of being smashed to smithereens or lay in the gutter all dejected.

But anyway, we eventually made it to the party, offering apologies instead of a present and card. The party was at a play cafe called Rimandos of Gloucester Road, and even though I've heard of the place I had never been before. They had hired out the whole place for the party which was great, as there was so much space for the kiddies to play in. It was so baby friendly and the soft play area was perfect for the babies! Theo even braved the big fortress climbing up the steps and sliding down the slide backwards on his belly! He literally had so much fun, and of course lots of his playmates were there too. It turned into a bit of a twitter meet up, and we got to see some non-local twitter friends, which was great to meet again in real life and have a good catch up! They had set out a sweet little lunch for all the children (and for the adults to sneak a pink wafer or two) and Theo had great fun playing with his friend Lilian. It was so funny to watch them interacting so well with each  other, sharing their drinks and making funny faces at each other through their plates.

Yesterday we had a boring nothing day again but today we made up for it and went to our swim class again, and lots of fun was had there. I need to start making plans for the weekends and have something different to look forward to rather than just wasting Rob's time off and getting on each others nerves. There are so many great free things that we could go and do as a family, we just need to start planning them, and hope that the weather starts to get a bit better! This weekend we are planning to go back to Wales and visit St.Fagens museum. I can't wait! I've been longing to go back to Wales for some time now and I love visiting the museum as I spent a lot of time there in my last year of Uni doing some of my work there. Rob and I even went on one of our first 'dates' there, I say date, but he just came to help me out with my project, but we were still getting to know each other then, and it was a bit of an excuse to get him to hang out with me....(how romantic)

Right, I think I've bored you all enough with my lack-luster post. Gah, I need some excitement in my life...I always get like this at this time of year, the end of winter waiting for spring to start. Spring is my most favourite favourite time of year and my feet start itching long before the daffodils make their appearance. It makes me want to be outside and do adventurous exciting things, something to get up for in the morning. Hurry up Spring, I wish to count the magnolia trees on my daily journeys, thanks.

oh and p.s thanks so much for all the helpful words and advice I received about my last post. It really has helped me to realise what is best for us, and to continue to keep on listening to that. I'm sorry that I haven't got back to replying to everyone


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