What a nice suprise!

This morning the postman knocked on the door and handed Rob a little package addressed to myself and Theo. Now we hardly ever get nice exciting post, so I was massively suprised!

I opened it up and inside was a beautiful gift from the lovely Sarah Dyer. It's a book for Theo's birthday, so I probably should have put it away ready for next week, but it was so lovely I couldn't help but sneak a look and well, read the whole thing!

Sarah and I have recently become acquainted through 'Instagram' and through our blogs, as our sons are close in age and we have lots of common interests. Through looking at her website and blog I have admired her skill and talent as an illustrator, so was over the moon to be sent one of her children's books that she wrote and illustrated. It is such a sweet gift and we love it!

So if you haven't already seen her brilliant work, then please go check her out! I know I will be getting her other books to add to my collection as her illustrations and stories are great. This one made me smile tons!

Hooray for talented mamas!


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