Party Party Party

So we've been thinking about all this party malarkey a lot recently, and have made a few decisions. We were originally thinking of having two separate parties, one for mine and Theo's friends at home, and then a week later having a bigger party for family members etc. But after talking it over we've decided to only do the one smaller party at home with friends.

We were stressing over where to have the 2nd party, as we'd gave to hire a hall, how much it would cost and the short amount of notice we were giving people. There were already a few family members who couldn't make it on the same weekend, so we decided actually there is no point in stressing out so much about it, and just scrap that idea! I made a massive effort to drive across the country by myself, feeling horribly ill so family could see Theo this Christmas, so I guess that will have to do for now!

But since Theo hasn't had a naming day, we are going to plan a Spring ceremony for him, which we can hopefully hold outside, and invite everyone to that!

First birthdays are a funny thing, as Theo probably won't even know what is happening, and isn't that great when there are lots of people around anyway. It will be nice to have my mum friends with some babies for Theo to play with some snacks and cake, but that's about all! There's no point in going over board. As long as it's fun, stress free, with cake and some nice photographs are taken, then I'll be happy with that!

These are a few fun little invites using a poster app, I will probably make my own, but it was fun to have a play!


  1. I can only come on the Saturday eve and stay till Monday x


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