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This is Rob's first week of being off, so I've decided to give him a little taster of what I usually do with my time, and an insight into being a mum. I've been feeling a little under the weather (again) this week, so it's been great to have someone else around to help entertain Theo, but we've still got out of the house, trying to do exciting things for the bebe.

Yesterday, after doing a few errands we visited a place called Portico Play on Gloucester Road. I've been quite a few times before, as I used to meet up with my antenatal group there when Theo was little, but we only stayed in the baby room with the bouncy chairs and play mats. They have quite a few rooms with different age level appropriate toys which is great. If your child is under one then it's £1 entry, with no time limit, which I think is a great deal! They have healthy snacks and drinks for both adults and children, so you can stay for quite a while if you wanted!

In the middle is a huge cornered off play area with loads of different toys to play with. This is generally for the older children, as they can run around and play dress up etc, but we tried Theo in there for the first time, and he loved it. As they can't get out it's perfect for him to crawl around playing without us having to chase him every 2 minutes when he tries to escape! Theo's favourite at the moment are the play kitchens, and they have loads of different units to play with. He can open and close the cupboard doors to his hearts content here!

Rob went in to the play area with him, whilst I sat at the side watching. You can sit all around the side with a good view of the play area, which is great. It means mums can have a little sit down!

(sorry for the bad picture quality, I only had my phone!)

So we had a fun afternoon! Also here is a little video we managed to get of Theo taking a few steps! he's getting pretty confident now on his feet and tries to walk all the time, even if he does only get a little way before falling over!


  1. I want to play here. Dressing up, kitchens, soft things. They should so make this for grown ups

  2. Vic, all you have to do is have a baby, then you get to play in there all the time! That's what I do!

  3. I want to play too! Theo looks brilliant in that little police outfit. Hope you've been feeling better my love xxx


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