One Year Old

So it happened, Theo turned one today (well at 2.30am to be precise, but we slept through that)

I think I still can't really believe it, that a year has passed so quickly, and that we all survived! It has most definitely been the best year of my life, the hardest yes, but the best. I think my heart has melted and burst a million times, and I'm very proud of what we've produced and achieved.

I just keep looking at Theo and reminding myself that he's not a baby anymore, he's a boy, a child and totally his own little person. This fact freaks me out more than anything, but also makes me incredibly happy. As amazing as this year has been watching Theo grow and learn and change SO much, I just can't wait for the future, and for the adventures we will go on, the things we shall share and the memories we will make. I love this little man more than anything.

I have one wish for this next year, and that's that Theo remains a happy and healthy little boy.


So here is the second installment of Theo's video, hope you enjoy it!


  1. This made me smile. He is such a happy little boy. Your family abi seems just have done an amazing job. With love for the next year...nice to have "met" you. Stay in touch.
    Sarah x

  2. aww this made me cry a bit! so cute! :) x

  3. This video is gorgeous! It made me well up a litte at one point too. x


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