The new year

So I thought I would say hello in this new year!

We haven't been up to much for the first few days of this year, Rob has had to work both new years day and this bank holiday, so once again instead of being able to spend these days together as a family like most other people, I've been trying to waste the days away watching films and eastenders reruns...exciting I know.

So I guess this is the time to state my resolutions, which as always are never that groundbreaking, but here we go:

Be more patient.

With Theo, Rob, my mum and the rest of my family. Maybe it was sleep deprivation, and day to day stresses, but I found myself losing my patience more often than I would have liked in 2011. It's time to step back, take deep breaths and let things go.

(a cliche yes but) start regularly exercising again

I want to start getting back to my routine that got somewhat disrupted with our move just before Christmas and well yeh, Christmas (and all those extra little treats) It felt good to be exercising and doing something for myself, and I want to get that back.

And lastly, I want to make time for myself.

Theo is going to be a year old soon, and I think a year is quite a long time to not really have much time dedicated to just me. So even if it's just an hour or two a week it would be nice to have some space, some time and a break from this full time job that it is being a mum.

So that's about it for now, oh other than I'm taking part in a little challenge on the photo app instagram (@goldteeth if you want to find me!) of taking a photo every day in January. Just a little bit of fun as a chance to be a little creative!


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