The move

It's nearly been two weeks since I last posted, but as I mentioned before we moved this week, and this is probably the first time I've been able to sit down at the computer!

Theo's doing this thing at the moment, which by saying this I will probably jinx it, but he has been staying asleep when I put him down for naps and leave him. When I used to do this he would wake about 5 or 10 minutes after I left him, but since being here he has been doing much better.

Anyway, so I've had a really busy couple of weeks. First of all there was a bit of drama as my car failed it's MOT when I was up at my mums. Naturally I thought this was the end of the world, it is quite annoying, and expensive, but probably not worth getting ridiculously upset about. So anyway, that meant that I had to stay up at my mums for a while, which was good.

When I returned we had a pretty intense day of packing on the Tuesday. Rob's mum took Theo for a few hours in the morning which was great, but for the rest of the day it was a bit of a nightmare. Babies and packing definitely don't mix. But we got there in the end and celebrated with a final Burger Joint. (We seriously love that place!)

The next day was move day, and my mum and Andy came down to help. They had hired a van for us and helped move and clean. They were such a great help, we definitely wouldn't have been able to do it without them. I'm so thankful that we have lots of supportive family around us to help out and do such a lot for us. But we promise we won't be moving any time soon! In the afternoon Rob's Grandparents came to help out too, as well as Rob's mum. It took two trips to get all the stuff over to the new place, and it was a total mess by the time we'd finished unloading the second van. But once again all the extra help was great, as it was pretty quick. That evening I just moved boxes and things around to their relevant places, but didn't dare to start unpacking, but Rob of course put up the tv, priorities and everything. My mum and Andy were staying the night to help out again the next day, so we all got fish and chips to treat ourselves for working so hard!

The following day people helped cleaning the old flat for us, and then Rob and I had to go back to hand our keys in and have an inspection. I won't go into that now as it will just make me mad...our agents are proper arseholes....anyway, going back to the old flat felt weird. It was an alright flat, but compared to the house I just can't believe we really lived there. I didn't feel that sad about leaving it, not like I did with the first flat. There were just too many things that annoyed me about it, and I just want to be rid of it and the area and the agency. The new house really is perfect. The more and more I go out and return to it, or spend more time in it, I fall even more in love with it. I really hope we can stay here and it will suit us for quite a while, as I don't think we will be needing anything else from a house, that is maybe until our family grows a bit....(aaahh)

Right, here are a few photos, in various states of sorted:

There are a few more bits and pieces to sort out and another room or two to photograph...but thats about it, this is our humble little home, and it makes my heart happy!

My sister is here to visit for the week, and it's really lovely to have our new house to be able to feel all homely and comfortable in. I'm excited to have her around and to explore the new area, as well as show her my other favourite places in Bristol.

hopefully I'll be back soon with more news and photos, and a redesigned blog!


  1. I've only just had a chance to catch up with blogs from the past few weeks! Woohoo for the gorgeous house, it's V similar to ours! Isn't it just amazing to have so much room for the babes to play! xx


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