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So I thought this might be nice if it became a little regular feature, especially as I am discovering a new area of Bristol.

Sorry it's been a little quiet on the blog again, my sister is visiting for a week and we have been pretty busy!

Here is a little peak at what we have been up to:

On Sunday we went out for a walk to my new local park. The weather was bitingly cold and the sky was milky, my favourite thing about this time of year. But when did it suddenly become winter? Maybe it all happened the day we moved house and moved to a new area?

The park is only 10 minutes walk from the house, and something which hopefully I will take full advantage of. It's a beautiful park, and I know when I am having a low day where nothing seems to go right I can bundle Theo up into the pram and go for a little walk.

The park feels secluded and secret, as soon as you walk through the gates it opens up in front of you and takes your breathe away! I had no idea it was hiding here, and what a treasure it is. There are hills and windy paths, a lake and an adventure playground. A little kiosk for the summer and even an ice cream van.

We met up with a friend who lives close by and we had a little fun with the babies and the playground. I'm so excited to see them grow older and explore more of the park and play for hours (whilst I sit and drink tea and read a magazine....)

It was a lovely walk, but really cold, so we hurried home with tired babies and warmed up with tea!

More adventures to come soon!


  1. Looks like you have found a nice area, I will look forward to seeing your new house and park. (and of course the 3 of you)
    Love Dad x

  2. I can't believe I never knew about this park, it looks so lovely!! Fab that it's only down the road from you now :) x

  3. Looks lovely, and very much like Roath Park in Cardiff x

  4. Just discovered your blog and am now slightly addicted! Although reading your birth story freaked me out because until now I'd kind of forgotten I actually have to give birth!


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